Dmitry Gindin: Expert and consultant in fine stringed instruments


Online Identification

Dmitry extends his knowledge and experience to those who wish to have their instruments briefly examined by an expert without leaving their home.

Please fill in the form with your details, instrument description and good quality, high resolution photos. Dmitry will examine them personally and get back to you promptly with his judgment as to what he believes it is or isn't; he may also be able to supply brief advice regarding its value and any other information that is possible or relevant to determine just from two-dimensional photos.

Click here for instructions for best ways to photograph instruments

In some cases, Dmitry may be able to consult with you as to the best ways of going about selling your instrument - via email. NOTE: this is not intended as a value appraisal service.


NOTE: the better the quality of your photos, the better the chances for correct identification.


$50 per instrument.
Payment methods: PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and Amex.


While Dmitry Gindin will attempt to be as diligent as possible, he cannot guarantee that his initial impression or preliminary opinion from the photos provided, would either constitute his final opinion of the instruments thus presented to him, nor that such an opinion would be the same or as detailed as he may form if he were to examine the instrument in person. He will not therefore be held responsible or liable for any eventual errors, damage or losses resulting from his initial examination through this Online Identification process.

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