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Celeste Farotti

Much of what we know about Celeste Farotti's life and work stems from a manuscript written by Giovanni Iviglia in 1953, which contains passages apparently taken from the maker's own 'memoires'. It also features black and white photos of some interesting examples of Farotti's work - mostly his antiqued copies. Iviglia likely knew the Farotto makers personally and much of his monograph is probably accurate. However, those interested in studying Farotti's fine output in the context of his milieu may find some sections of Iviglia's text subject to interpretation; written some 24 years after the maker's death, it may have been influenced by Farotti's nephew, Celestino.

Farotti (originally Farotto; his name changed to Farotti thanks to a clerical error) was born in 1864 in the small farming community of Olivola Monferrato, less than 30 km south of Casale Monferrato, a large town and once home to Count Cozio di Salabue.

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