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Pistucci and Bellarosa

Giovanni Pistucci and Vittorio Bellarosa were both fine exponents of the modern Neapolitan school and, thanks to their close association towards the end of Pistucci's career, some of their work is extremely similar. Both highly prolific, they produced hundreds of excellent examples of traditional Neapolitan making.

Giovanni Pistucci - As is common with Neapolitan violin makers, much of Giovanni Pistucci's life is still a mystery. We know that he was born in Naples in February 1864 and he is believed to have begun his career assisting Vincenzo Gagliano, the last and little-known member of that illustrious family. Thereafter, he was apprenticed to Vincenzo Postiglione, with whom he worked during much of the early part of his career. His early labels confirm this, although his initial connection with Gagliano is less clear.

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