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Simone Fernando Sacconi

Son of the tailor and amateur violinist Gaspare Sacconi, Simone was born in Rome with a practically innate interest in violins, and by age nine was already apprenticed to Giuseppe Rossi. When Sacconi began learning his trade the renaissance in violin making was in full bloom in northern Italy. The Neapolitan school was also alive and well in the capable hands of Giovanni Pistucci, Vincenzo Sannino and in the workshop of the ageing Vincenzo Postiglione.

To rise in this competitive environment took talent, stamina and, in Sacconi's case, a willingness to go against the flow. Despite numerous local makers in Rome during the first quarter of the 20th century, Sacconi's skill, intelligence and precociousness shone through. It was not long before he proved himself the best restorer in town, and perhaps also its finest violin maker.