Photo Instructions

For optimal assessment please send good quality photos of the top, back, and the head (as many angles as possible) and any other details of importance such as the corners or close-ups of the sound holes.

Image files for uploading should be in JPG format with a max file size of 5MB per image. Please be aware that the better the quality and definition of the photo the more accurate the evaluation will be. Sizes should ideally be in the region of 600 to 1000 pixels in either height or width.

Good results can be obtained by using a standard digital camera.

Avoid using your cameras built-in flash in order to avoid flaring and detail loss.

For indoor shooting make sure the lights are bright. Use two strong light sources positioned on either side of the instrument or four lights can further improve the results. The challenge is to carefully eliminate all glare and reflections while still fully illuminating the instrument.

Good results can also be obtained in bright outdoor daylight though shooting in direct sunlight should be done with care in order to avoid strong shadows.

Always make sure the light distribution is even, minimise shadows and try to avoid any reflections.

Correct lighting diagram for the back of a violin

Correct lighting diagram for the front of a violin

Correct lighting diagram for the top of a violin