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The Modern Italian Violin Makers

Two deluxe volumes that probe the lives and works of over 80 core modern violin makers spanning 250 years, and link them with their predecessors, contemporaries and followers.

Two large format deluxe volumes, over 700 pages, and nearly 500 instruments.

The Modern Italian Violin Makers book

Volume I

  • The Antoniazzis
  • The Bisiachs
  • The Farottis
  • Giuseppe Pedrazzini
  • Giuseppe Ornati
  • Ferdinando Garimberti
  • The Sgarabottos and Their Circle in Parma
  • The Scarampellas and Their Circle
  • The Gaddas
  • The Last of the Guadagninis
  • The Marchettis
  • Carlo Oddone
  • Giorgio Gatti
  • Annibale Fagnola
  • Evasio Guerra
  • The Roccas and Eugenio Praga
  • The Candi Brothers and Their Circle in Liguria

Volume II

  • The Degani Family and Their Circle in Veneto
  • The Fiorinis and Their Circle
  • Ansaldo Poggi
  • The Pollastri Brothers and Their Circle
  • The Carlettis
  • The Soffrittis
  • The Capicchionis, Arturo Fracassi and Their Circle in Romagna
  • Valentino De Zorzi and His Circle in Tuscany
  • Vincenzo Postiglione and His Circle in Naples
  • Giovanni Pistucci
  • Vittorio Bellarosa
  • Vincenzo Sannino and His Circle in Naples and Rome
  • Simone Sacconi and His Influence

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