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Simone Sacconi

Simone Fernando Sacconi began his long and fascinating career at a time when many excellent violin makers were working across Italy. To rise in this competitive environment took talent, stamina and, in his case, being willing to go against the flow.

The son of a tailor and amateur violinist, Sacconi was born in Rome on May 30, 1895 and was apprenticed aged 9-16 to Giuseppe Rossi, who himself learned from Eugenio Degani. When Sacconi began learning his trade, the renaissance in violin making was flourishing in northern Italy. Rome, by contrast, had been without a proper school of violin making since the late 18th century and the few makers who did work there during the 19th century lacked a cohesive tradition. Moreover Rome was so removed, culturally as well as geographically, that it would have been most unusual for a Roman to feel the urge to move north and try to fit in with makers such as Bisiach, Antoniazzi and Fagnola.

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